Military Urn Necklaces

The brave souls who serve our nation leave behind not just memories, but a legacy of courage, honor, and sacrifice. Our military urn necklaces are designed as a tribute to these heroes, embodying their spirit and commemorating their service.

Every detail of these necklaces speaks volumes about the noble journey of our servicemen and women. More than just intricate designs, they’re emblematic of the dedication, valor, and selflessness that define the military ethos.

Each military urn necklace isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of pride, a testament to duty, and a reminder of the unwavering spirit of those who've donned the uniform.

Silver Bullet Cremation Jewelry
Regular price$38.99
    Black Dagger Cremation Jewelry
    Regular price$32.99
      Anchor Cremation Jewelry
      Regular price$34.99
      • Silver
      • Silver with Turquoise
      • Black
      Lord's Prayer Bullet - Silver or Gold Cremation Jewelry
      Regular price$32.99
      • Silver
      • Gold
      American Flag Heart Cremation Jewelry
      Regular price$34.99
        Silver Dagger Cremation Jewelry
        Regular price$32.99
          Dad Shotgun Shell Urn Necklace
          Regular price$32.99
            American Flag Bullet Urn Necklace
            Regular price$36.99

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